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Cherkizovo Group has been a public company since 2006 and is listed on the Moscow Exchange.

1 mln +10% tonnes
Revenue 2018
102,6 +13,5% RUB billion
20,4 +39,4% RUB billion

Investor Calendar 2019

Please note that all dates below are preliminary and may be changed.

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  • 9August

    July 2019 Trading update

  • 22August

    2Q and 1H 2019 Financial results

  • 10September

    August 2019 Trading update

  • 10October

    September and 3Q Trading update


PJSC Cherkizovo Group as an issuer of securities admitted to organised trading exercises statutory disclosure of information on a webpage provided by the Interfax information agency, which is accredited for disclosure by the Bank of Russia.

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