Kurinoe Tsarstvo About to Complete Construction of Poultry Complex for 1.5 Bln RUR

July 1, 2014

The Head of Dankovsky District Valery Faleev told Abireg that in September 2014 Kurinoe Tsarstvo (Cherkizovo Group) plans to start operating its 1.5 billion rouble poultry complex under construction in Dankovsky District, Lipetsk Region.

The facility includes 56 bird houses 100,000 sq. m each. The overall capacity of the complex will be 2 million broiler heads, and is expected to enable the production of 27,000 tonnes of poultry meat per year.

The Dankovsky District facility is part of a full-cycle complex that Kurinoe Tsarstvo is building in the Eletsprom Industrial Production Special Economic Zone. The project will cost 23 billion roubles. According to Igor Babaev, Chairman of Cherkizovo Group Board of Directors, there are plans to build a feed mill with overall grain storage capacity of 420,000 tonnes per year, a slaughtering and processing complex for poultry meat as well with capacity of 24,000 heads per hour, a hatchery for 240 million eggs laid per year, and several other facilities.

Mr. Babaev said that in 2014, Kurinoe Tsarstvo plans to spend at least 7 billion roubles for the construction of the facility in the Eletsprom Industrial Production Special Economic Zone, including the poultry complex in Dankovsky District.