23 January 2023

Cherkizovo Group exported over 100,000 tonnes of products in 2022

Moscow, Russia — January 23 – Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest meat producer, increased its international shipments by close to 25 % in volume terms in 2022. In Russian rubles, exports were up by more than 40 % as the Company diversified its portfolio to increase the share of high value-added products.

29 December 2022

Cherkizovo Group provides more than 3,000 holiday gifts for children

Moscow, Russia — December 29 – Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest meat producer, has prepared for the upcoming holiday season by providing gift sets for children in need. In addition, Company employees have collected toys for the Podari Zhizn charity foundation.

23 December 2022

National indexes of meat supply (IMS), November 2022

Cherkizovo Group publishes industrial meat supply indexes for November 2022. The indexes describe dynamics of meat supply — poultry, pork and beef — in Russia.

A new full cycle agroindustrial complex will operate in Elets

July 2, 2013

Governor Oleg Korolev discussed the implementation of large investment projects in Lipetsk Region at a working meeting with officials of Cherkizovo Group. 

 The main topic of discussion was construction by Cherkizovo Group of Europe’s largest full cycle integrated agroindustrial complex in Elets. The Elets complex will combine all stages from feed production and poultry breeding to processing and packaging with capacity of 125,000 tonnes of poultry meat per year. It is expected to reach full capacity by 2015. More than 19.5 billion rubles have been invested in the project.  

 “They started with production, while today they have progressed to small livestock farms and are moving to a strategy of full supply of top-quality processing by constructing a high-end complex in Elets District. The company has made this complex a priority. We are very satisfied with their strategy and are making every effort to ensure that the project is carried out with comprehensive support,” Governor of Lipetsk Region Oleg Korolev said.  

 “Construction of the first facility with 56 bird houses is being completed in Dankov District. Construction is underway on a hatchery and a feed mill with storage capacity of about 450,000 tonnes. The feed mill will be designed for production of 120-150 tonnes per hour, and we expect to create 5,000 jobs in Lipetsk Region,” CEO of Cherkizovo Group Sergei Mikhailov added. 

 In the last 10 years, Cherkizovo Group has invested more than 10 billion rubles in the agroindustrial complex of Lipetsk Region. The company has paid more than 700 million rubles in taxes to the regional budget and created nearly 4,000 jobs. Companies managed by Cherkizovo Group that operate in Lipetsk Region include Kurinoe Tsarstvo OJSC, Lipetskmyasoprom OJSC and Lipetskmyaso CJSC, the region’s largest poultry meat and pork producers.  

 “We are proud to say that we are leaders of Russia’s agricultural sector in Lipetsk Region, and the step taken by the governor in 2005 to support pig farming has paid off and yielded visible results, and we pay real taxes to the regional budget. Everyone understands this, and I am satisfied that we discussed all the points we brought up, and that they are actually realizable,” Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cherkizovo Group Igor Babaev said.