Vyacheslav Shport visited pig-breeding complex in the Lipetsk region

November 14, 2012

Governor Vyacheslav Shport paid a working visit to the Lipetsk region. The head of the region held a meeting with the Lipetsk region Governor Oleg Korolyov, and then went to the Lipetskmyasoprom pork complex belonging to OJSC Cherkizovo Group. The main purpose of the visit was to familiarize the governors with the experience of creating large-scale livestock facilities and to promote investment in the agricultural sector. The initiative for the visit to Lipetsk region was taken by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cherkizovo, Igor Babaev.

In late October, he visited the Khabarovsk region and other regions of DFO. Then Igor Babaev proposed to create a Far East livestock and crop cluster. Such a cluster, according to representatives of Cherkizovo, will provide meat for the domestic residents of the Far East.

In the Lipetsk region, such large livestock clusters have a good showing. The Lipetskmyasoprom complex of  is designed to produce 50,000 tonnes of pork per year.
Vyacheslav Shport noted the experience of the Lipetsk region of organizing a cluster will be useful for the Khabarovsk region.

"Here I have seen the most powerful factory, where everything has been well-thought out: modern equipment, logistics and good staff.   There are solid tax revenues from this manufacturer. Our region is interested in setting up similar facilities. In the region there is a free site for construction of a pig breeding complex and a food supply. We believe Cherkizovo Group is a potential investor and will continue to negotiate" said the Governor.