Cherkizovsky announces the expansion of their sausage range

October 23, 2012

In October, Cherkizovo Group’s flagship Cherkizovsky meat processing plant provided consumers with a new line of sausages produced in strict accordance to the state standard of quality. The range includes classic cooked sausages: Doctorskaya, Molochnaya and Russkaya, the semi-smoked Krakovskaya sausage, the boiled and smoked Moscovskaya and the already popular Braunshveigskaya sausage and Eliseevskaya in one package. 

All sausages in the range are of the highest quality. They are made from domestic pork and beef in strict compliance with the State Standard, without the addition of vegetable protein. Those quality standards and customer care have allowed Cherkizovo Group to stay among the top three in the meat processing market for many years. 

"New sausages have appeared in Russian stores this week” said Alexander Kostikov, Head of Communications and Investor Relations of Cherkizovo Group. “We have created a new range of sausages with the most popular flavors. We hope that every consumer will enjoy the new products and appreciate the quality of the new sausages."