Cherkizovo Group will launch a pig farm in the Lipetsk region, with a capacity of 12.5 thousand tonnes of meat per year, by the end of June

June 7, 2012

CJSC Lipetskmeat will finish the construction of a pig farm complex in the Volovskoi district of the Lipetsk region this year, with a capacity of 12.5 thousand tonnes of meat, the regional administration reported. According to the plans, the fourth pig fattening facility will be opened in June. Works at the facility have already been completed, along with the installation of equipment. The total number of livestock on the platforms that are already in operation is 29 thousand heads; the estimated capacity of the whole farm is about 12.5 thousand tonnes of live weight meat per year.

The producer’s first stage of operations started in August-September 2011. In the period from October 2011 to March 2012, the investor sought to add a section for growing and fattening. The farm is planned to reach full output by 2013 and the total sum of the planned investments is 1.5 billion roubles.

The Group consists of seven meat-processing plants, seven pig farms (with three more under construction), a combined fodder plant and also five poultry farms in the Moscow, Penza, Lipetsk and Bryansk regions. The owner of the Group is a relation of Igor Babaev. In 2010, the Group’s revenue was 1.2 billion dollars, and net profit was 144.4 million dollars.

CJSC Lipetskmeat is a structural division of Cherkizovo Group. The main projects in the Lipetsk region are two modern pig breeding farms (in the Terbunskii and Volovskoi districts), which have a capacity of 12.5 thousand tonnes of live weight pork per year.