Cherkizovo Lab Received License to Carry Out Educational Activities

May 15, 2017

Moscow, Russia – 12 May, 2017 – Cherkizovo Lab (“the Lab”) has successfully passed licensing procedure of the Moscow Department of Education and received a license to carry out educational activities.

Cherkizovo Group is a firm believer that continuing education is essential for improving performance. The Lab has been carrying out master classes, seminars, webinars and training sessions for quite some time already. However, such activities did not require any licensing since the participants did not receive any formal certificate of completion.

The Lab will now provide 10 educational programs on an ongoing basis, including analytical chemistry, veterinary medicine, molecular biology, genetics, agronomy and others. Interactive methods of education will be used throughout the process. The teaching staff consists of professors, assistant professors and business consultants from both Russia and abroad.