Lean production optimisation at Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant

April 13, 2017

Moscow, Russia – April 13, 2017 – Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant (“CMPP”) showcased its lean production system to leading Russian and foreign production companies at a recent site visit.

Since its launch in 2014 as a pilot project, CMPP’s lean production system has come a long way. A number of production components have been successfully implemented, including 5C, a kaizen philosophy and a Training Within Industry (TWI) system, and Cherkizovo Group continually reviews ways to further improve the production process.

Shukhrat Ibadov, Director of Production at CMPP, and Askhat Yagofarov, Head of the Production System Development Department, gave the guests a tour of the production facility where they witnessed the system in operation. CMPP was the first meat processing plant within Cherkizovo Group to implement lean production. Given the success that has been achieved at CMPP, Cherkizovo Group will be rolling out lean production systems across all of its plants in the near future.

Andrei Cholokyan, Head of CMPP, commented: “Over the two years since we implemented our lean production system, we have seen vast improvements in our production processes. The system has proven to be efficient not only in monetary terms, but also culturally. It has transformed the entire production culture in our facility and we no longer need to reduce headcount in order to optimise efficiency. Management now focuses on optimising processes through detailed analysis of operations, standardisation of workplaces and review of value creation roadmaps.”

Aleksander Karbainov, leading expert of Orgprom, the company that helped to implement CMPP’s lean production system, added: “I remember how the production culture in the company was three years ago and I am very impressed with what I have seen today. The transformation is remarkable and I am pleased to see how the lean production philosophy has successfully been applied to the plant’s everyday work.”