Cherkizovo Group and Moscow State University of Technology and Management launch continuous education cluster

March 28, 2017

Moscow, Russia – March 20, 2017 – Cherkizovo Group has signed an agreement with Moscow State University of Technology and Management (MSUTM) to create a continuous education cluster based at the largest meat processing facility in Russia.

The rationale behind creating the cluster is to build the skill set of workers in the meat processing industry and to train those who are looking to enter the field. There are a number of professions that will always be in high demand in the meat processing sector, including lean technology specialists and mechatronic experts, and investing in education is vital to avoid a skills gap. After it is fully implemented in the Moscow region, the education programme will be rolled out across Russia in the regions where both Cherkizovo Group and MSUTM are present.

Andrei Cholokyan, member of Cherkizovo Group’s management team and head of the Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant (CMPP), commented: “It is not a coincidence that we have chosen to launch our education cluster programme at our meat processing facility. The Group has already implemented a number of innovative and technologically advanced solutions across its meat processing facilities, making this a natural area for us to invest in education and training. We are in the process of enhancing our production facilities not just in the Moscow region but across the areas of our presence and for that we need a strong workforce. Thanks to our partnership with MSUTM, we will no longer have a shortage of highly skilled professionals in the field.”

Valentin Ivanov, president of MSUTM, added: “The aim of education innovation clusters is to reduce the deficit of qualified professionals in the market and to increase awareness and prestige of the field among the younger generation. Our goal is to make sure that our graduates become sought-after professionals in the sector.”