Cherkizovo launches its new turkey brand Pava-Pava

March 6, 2017

Moscow, Russia – March 6, 2017 - Cherkizovo Group (LSE: CHE; MOEX: GCHE), the largest vertically integrated meat and feed producer in Russia, announces the launch of its new turkey brand, Pava-Pava.

The Pava-Pava brand was developed to promote turkey products manufactured at the Tambov Turkey facility, a joint venture between Cherkizovo Group and Grupo Fuertes, Spain’s leading agricultural producer. Pava-Pava products are already available in Globus stores across Russia.

Tambov Turkey is a landmark facility for Cherkizovo Group and has been recognised for the role it has played in import substitution. The facility’s production performance is already ahead of schedule; the livability levels are higher than expected and average weight gain is greater than that of the same breed of turkeys in Spain. Over RUB 11 billion has been invested into the project to date, with the Tambov government contributing over RUB 1.7 billion.

Sergei Mikhailov, CEO of Cherkizovo Group commented: “Consumption of turkey meat in Russia is on the rise as consumers are increasingly looking for healthier alternatives to other meats. At present, turkey products only have a 6% market share, so there is great growth potential for the Pava-Pava brand.”