Miracles Happen in December

December 24, 2014

Cherkizovo Group (LSE:CHE; MOEX:GCHE), the largest meat and feed producer in Russia, today summed up the results of its first ever regional charity campaign "Help the Children". Thanks to the joint efforts of organizers and consumers, several million roubles have been collected for the provision of timely and targeted assistance to children in need.

The campaign lasted for more than a month to allow as many citizens as possible to contribute to children's happiness. Over 35 days the company donated one rouble from each package of Petelinka brand poultry meat products sold to "The Road Together" charity foundation. Many citizens in our country responded to the call to help orphaned children. The funds collected will be granted to a dozen child care centres responsible for the care of 525 children.

According to the feedback from the customers themselves, participation in such events offers everyone a chance to contribute to good deeds and to give some love to those in need of care and attention. The unique campaign with the number of participants exceeded 6 million people was held in the seven regions where the company operates: Moscow, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk, Penza, and Tula Regions.

The collected funds will be used in the near future to fund socialization programs for orphan children as well as physical development and education courses. The funds will also be directed to launch a development program for youths to teach them independent living skills in an urban environment.

Of the dozen child care facilities, five will be provided with playgrounds, sports fields, and fitness equipment to facilitate the physical development of the children. Other schools will obtain furnished social apartments to teach children the basics of independent living on the basis of the "Family" model. Two boarding schools will receive equipment for a therapeutic sensory room and school weather stations.

Commenting on the results of the completed campaign, Tatyana Zadirako, Director of "The Road Together" charity foundation, noted: "We are very pleased that the Cherkizovo initiative was supported by so many people, and we were able to collect a significant amount of money. Educational institutions for orphans face severe financial difficulties, and their children suffer deep mental anguish. Therefore, holding such a campaign today makes it possible to bring out the best humanitarian qualities in people and to establish traditions of socially responsible business in our country."