A Million for the Future

October 6, 2014

Chairman of Cherkizovo Group Board of Directors Igor Babaev supported a youth hockey team and granted them 1 million roubles of his own funds during a business trip to Penza Region.

Igor Babaev’s donation is intended for a specialized children and youth sports school of the Olympic Hockey Reserve. Governor of the region Vasily Bochkaryov suggested support for the school during a working meeting with Mr. Babaev to discuss expansion of the company’s business. They also discussed possible construction of a new pork complex in Penza Region, which in the long term could make a substantial contribution to increasing production levels of domestic food products.

Mr. Babaev and Mr. Bochkaryov also attended a Russian hockey championship match (Volga Region) between teams formed in 2002 – Diesel (Penza) and Lada (Tolyatti) – in the Diesel Arena sports complex. The game was followed by a ceremony dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the specialized children and youth sports school of the Olympic Hockey Reserve, which was founded in 1964 to recruit talented young players for the Diesel hockey team.

A Million for the Future

At the event, Mr. Babaev handed the children a certificate for 1 million roubles, and noted: “We have been operating in Penza Region for 15 years, and I would like to thank Governor Bochkaryov for suggesting who needed financial support the most today. The children’s team that fought hard for victory as we watched is celebrating its anniversary. Hockey is a leader in promoting sports in Penza Region. Today, it is celebrated throughout Russia, and we know our renowned hockey players very well. It is my pleasure to give the children this money. This is a huge amount, and a true reward and honour for them.”

As Mr. Bochkaryov spoke about support for youth and children’s sports, he said: “We will do everything in our power to allow Penza Region take its rightful place in national sports and become known as one of the best centres for training talented youth.”

In return, Mr. Bochkaryov and Mr. Babaev received gifts of hockey sweaters with symbolic numbers and the owners’ last names. The guests of honour thanked the children and invited them to a tea party, where the talk of hockey battles, wins, and the advantages of a healthy lifestyle continued.

Mr. Babaev’s donation of his own funds to the youth hockey team was his second initiative this year in support of people most in need in Russian regions. During a visit to Liskinsky District in Voronezh Region at the beginning of September, Mr. Babaev granted another 1 million roubles of his own funds to the Liskinsky residential care home for the elderly and disabled.