Consumers of Poultry Meat Prefer Cherkizovo Group Products

February 17, 2014

Based on the results of a study conducted by marketing agency ScanMarket this year, Petelinka brand stands out as a strong leader of the chilled poultry meat market in Moscow.

It outperforms its closest competitor by a wide margin.

Valery Chepikov, ScanMarket analyst, believes that Petelinka leads due to its high product quality achieved by implementing innovative technologies and strict quality control at all the manufacturing stages: from fodder production and egg incubation, to breeding chickens and selling the finished product. Cherkizovo professionals play a very important role in ensuring a detail oriented approach to quality at every stage of production: they pick the best crosses for poultry breeding, and carefully select the fodder recipe, which mostly consists of grain. For better growth, the birds are kept cage free. Due to an efficient logistical chain, the poultry is delivered directly to retail chains within 5–7 hours after slaughter.

The study, which included over 810 participants, also showed a high share of consumers loyal to Petelinka brand — 46%.

Regular marketing and advertising activities allow Petelinka brand awareness to grow:

Commenting on the results of the study, Alexander Kostikov, Head of Communications and Investor Relations, explained that Petelinka brand retains leadership on the Russian market by consistently offering its consumers high-quality meat products. He comments, “In order for the chilled poultry meat of Cherkizovo Group to appear on the shelves of retail chains of Moscow and Moscow Region, more than ten thousand people work at the company facilities every day. Poultry factories are located in the vicinity of Moscow in environmentally favourable zones: Odintsovo and Domodedovo regions of Moscow Region. Thanks to a number of factors, including an effective marketing strategy and a high commitment of Cherkizovo Group to social responsibility, Moscow consumers have an opportunity to enjoy high-quality, tasty, and fresh products”.