Cherkizovo Group Announces Launch of Its Unique Chilled Ready-to-Cook Packaged Poultry Meat

February 6, 2014

The product is easy to prepare. The cooking package can withstand high temperatures and easily replaces roasting pan for the oven. Remove the label from the package, prick the bag in several places, put it in the oven, and bake at about 180°С for 40–50 minutes until done.

There are three products in the new ready-to-cook line. Each of them is made of tender Petelino chicken with mouth-watering spices and sauces. „Country-style chicken fillets in herbed cream sauce” is a classic recipe for gourmets. „Chicken leg quarter in maple barbecue sauce” is a signature Petelinka brand recipe, and is a sensational taste experience for anyone who enjoys original recipes. The exceptionally delicious recipes were created by the specialists of the processing department at Mosselprom, which is part of Cherkizovo Group.

„Texas-style hot chicken wings” is another great product in this new line. The product developers are confident that fans of American cooking and beer lovers will really enjoy the new spicy taste.

According to Robert Lisovets, Marketing Director for the Poultry Division, the new ready-to-cook product line became a hit on the Russian market. „Consumers are excited about our new line. Packaged ready-to-cook products not only meet the nutritional needs of modern householders, but also save their time. The delicious new chicken dishes from Petelinka are sure to delight the whole family.”

About Petelinka Trademark

PETELINKA TM is the leading brand in the chilled poultry meat segment on the Moscow market. It is a price leader in the super-plus segment and is sold by almost all federal and local retailers.

Products are produced ecologically in the Moscow region with minimum travel required for distribution „from farm to fork”, which is why they are always fresh and tasty. Over the last ten plus years on the market, Petelinka has established a reputation for guaranteed quality. Cherkizovo Group has unveiled the new logo „Petelinka” in November 2012.