Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cherkizovo Group Igor Babaev Attends Lipetsk Region’s 60th Anniversary Celebrations

January 20, 2014

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cherkizovo Group Igor Babaev attended Lipetsk Region’s 60th anniversary celebrations on January 17. Mr. Babaev congratulated the region’s administration and residents on the anniversary, and added that “Lipetsk Region has all of the necessary conditions for successful growth of the agricultural industry, such as fertile soil, favourable climate, and knowledgeable leadership, which is equally important. Thus, nearly all of our company’s business lines are present in the region today. We have prime farmland, modern poultry and pork production complexes and exceptional dairy farms. I am very pleased with our productive relationship with Lipetsk Region, and I sincerely hope it will continue for many years to come.”

Igor Babaev is the founder of Cherkizovo Group, which has been operating in Lipetsk Region for more than 10 years. During this time, the company has invested more than 18 billion roubles in developing the region’s agricultural industry. Cherkizovo Group is the region’s largest agro-industrial investor. The Group employs nearly 4,000 residents of Lipetsk and Lipetsk Region at its facilities. It has also started construction of Europe’s largest full cycle integrated agro-industrial complex in Elets, combining all stages from fodder production and poultry breeding facilities to processing and packaging.