Cherkizovo Group completes harvesting campaign

December 1, 2020

Moscow, Russia - December 1, 2020 – Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest meat producer, outlines the results of its harvesting campaign. The total harvest for this year came in at 801,000 tonnes* of standard weight, a third higher than last year’s figures.

Cherkizovo’s crop producing facilities are located across Russia, specifically in the Orel, Lipetsk, Tambov, Penza and Voronezh regions. The main crops grown in these facilities are wheat, maize, soy and sunflower. These are used to produce feed for the Group's poultry and pig farms.

In total, Cherkizovo's harvesting area this year was 194,000 ha. Of this 194,000 ha, 57,000 was used for the production of winter wheat, 41,000 for spring wheat, 36,000 for soy, 28,000 for sunflower, and 17,000 for corn. The remaining 15,000 ha is allocated for the cultivation of barley, rye, pea, rapeseed and mustard seed.  

In total, 511,000 tonnes of standard-weight wheat was collected during this year’s harvest. This represents an increase of 59% on 2019’s figures. Soy yield also witnessed dramatic growth, up 55% on the previous one to reach 59,000 tonnes. The corn harvest also demonstrated a positive result at 111,000 tonnes (up 12%), while the sunflower take was down 15% to 71,000 tonnes. Once the figures for other miscellaneous crops are taken into account, the final total for this year’s harvest stands at 801,000 tonnes of standard weight. This is a 35% rise from the corresponding figures for the previous year, marking a high-water mark for the Group.

This record performance comes on the back of significant investment in new, state-of-the-art agronomic production techniques. These advances, combined with high prices for the main crops, will make this segment one of Cherkizovo's key profit drivers for the year.

*All figures are subject to adjustment in the 2020 final operating results published in January 2021.