Cherkizovo Group presents Lipetsk Region with COVID-19 testing equipment

November 12, 2020

Moscow, Russia – November 11, 2020 – Cherkizovo Group has provided the Lipetsk Region with a range of advanced COVID-19 testing equipment.

This generous gift was handed over to Lipetsk Region's Hygiene and Epidemiology Center at a ceremony held on November 10 and attended by representatives of Cherkizovo Group.

The equipment will significantly increase the Center’s laboratory capacity. It includes a state-of-the-art automated magnetic-particle processor, King Fisher Flex, which is actually a robot for nucleic acid purification. “Thanks to this new instrument complex manual operations will be automated and the time spent carrying out tests reduced. This extremely powerful device will improve the laboratory's output by 50%,” said Stanislav Savelyev, Chief Physician at the Hygiene and Epidemiology Center of the Lipetsk Region. According to him, the system can process up to 96 samples at a time. Additional equipment was purchased to complement the processor. It includes a Thermo ScientificMultidrop DW, an automatic high-precision and high-speed reagent dispenser.

“Sadly, Russia still has a hard time trying to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that it is our social responsibility to render support in the fight against coronavirus in all the regions where we operate. We do hope that the modern equipment which we procured will help the Lipetsk Region to test its population in a seamless manner and provide timely medical aid to everyone who needs it,” said Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Communications at Cherkizovo Group.

At a working meeting held on November 10, Igor Artamonov, Head of the Lipetsk Region, thanked representatives of Cherkizovo Group for the devices delivered by the Company. “The support offered by socially responsible companies to our region is of special importance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The business community of the Lipetsk Region has been actively contributing to providing our medical organizations with the equipment and consumables they need. We really appreciate your help during this tough time,” said Igor Artamonov.