Cherkizovo Group: top 15 facts to mark the 15th anniversary

October 28, 2020

Moscow, Russia – October 28, 2020 – Cherkizovo Group celebrates its anniversary this autumn, fifteen years after it was created by a merger of AIC Cherkizovsky and AIC Mikhailovsky. Over the years, the Company has evolved into a major player in the Russian meat market. Its core brands such as Cherkizovo, Petelinka, Pava-Pava, Kurinoe Tsarstvo and others are well-known and loved by millions of consumers across Russia. To mark the occasion, Cherkizovo shares fifteen most interesting facts about the Group.

1. As it turns 15, Cherkizovo Group’s operations span 15 Russian regions.

2. Over 15 years, the Company has increased its annual chicken and pork production by 9.5x and 5.7x, respectively.

3. Cherkizovo Group’s revenue has grown by 7.7x to RUB 120.1 billion (as reported in 2019).

4. The Company’s portfolio comprises 15 brands (including federal and regional ones).

5. The Group's offering currently features over 300 different products.

6. An acknowledged leader in Russian agricultural innovation, Cherkizovo Group launched an ultra-modern fully automated plant in Kashira in 2018.

7. The Company employs a robot called Innokenty that automates internal processes and the document management function.

8. Export is one of Cherkizovo Group's key focus areas. The Company created dedicated brands to target export markets such as Cherkizovo 77 for China and Vietnam, and Dajajti for Islamic countries.

9. The Group exports both processed and unprocessed meat. In 2021, foreign sales of sausages are expected to grow by 30% in volume terms.

10. Cherkizovo is actively developing partnerships with major restaurant chains, both global (KFC, McDonald's, Burger King) and domestic (Dodo Pizza).

11. The Company gives jobs to more than 32,400 people, a poultry catcher job being the most unusual one.

12. Cherkizovo Group continues its efforts to diversify business: this year, it launched a project to build an oil extraction plant in the Lipetsk Region.

13. Cherkizovo Group leverages a vertically integrated business model that includes grain and feed to control the entire production cycle – from farm to fork.

14. The Company has Cherkizovo Lab, a European-class laboratory center focusing on the research and development of food products.

15. Cherkizovo Group became a UN vendor in late July 2020.