Cherkizovo and Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises agree to cooperate

October 27, 2020

Moscow, Russia – October 27 – Cherkizovo Group, the largest meat producer in Russia, and the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises have agreed to join their R&D efforts in implementing the most relevant and promising projects related to the food industry. The agreement was signed by Armen Pogosyan, Head of the Department of Research and Development at the Group, and Sergey Polyakov, General Director of the Foundation.

Under the signed agreement, the parties plan to work together in implementing the most important and promising projects related to the food industry, meat and meat products, plant-and animal-based feeds, feed additives, biotechnology, and genomic selection.

“Innovating and trying to find new technological solutions is a strategically important activity for Cherkizovo Group. The use of modern technological solutions in production has helped us a lot to achieve leadership in the Russian meat market.  Together with the Foundation, we hope to implement new innovative projects in the agricultural sector,” said Rustam Khafizov, Head of Cherkizovo Group’s Analysis Center.

Cherkizovo and the Foundation plan to focus on finding promising solutions for the former’s business. One of the first projects, UMNIK Cherkizovo, will be a program to support R&D efforts of young scientists. Besides scaling up this project and expanding the list of research topics, the parties’ goals include running joint accelerator programs for innovative projects and contributing to scientific and coordination boards related to the food industry and biotechnology, including those where the Group-owned Cherkizovo Lab is active.

The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology is a non-profit organization established by the government in 1994  and focused on implementing the government policy of development and support in the scientific and technical sphere, promoting the creation of new jobs for effective use of the country's R&D potential, and engaging youth in innovative activities.