The Heroes of Our Time photo exhibition features Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant

July 7, 2020

Moscow, Russia – July 6, 2020 – Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant, part of Cherkizovo Group, has been chosen as one of a number of Moscow companies to have its employees featured at Heroes of Our Time, a photo exhibition dedicated to the citys industrial workers who continued to toil throughout the pandemic, contributing in the fight against the coronavirus.

Organised by the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, the exhibition opened on July 2 on Nikitsky Boulevard and represents over 30 pictures of people working for the city’s leading enterprises, including Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant, Faberlic, GAMMA-PLAST, Orthomoda, Moskabelmet, and SVOBODA.

“The help the local industry gave the city was tremendous. Despite the difficult situation, they managed to support charitable initiatives, doctors, and ordinary citizens in need. This is what this exhibition is about,” said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy.

Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant, a mainstay of Moscow’s industry, was represented by Irina Urusova. She heads up the production unit responsible for making some 70 tonnes of sausages per day. “The pandemic made me think even more about product safety. As a food company, we just couldn’t let people down. Not in times like these,” commented Irina Urusova.

After the pandemic broke out, Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant and all other companies across Cherkizovo Group took extra steps to protect employees’ health. Everyone had their temperature checked to see if they had a fever – and if they did, or if they showed any other symptoms of the virus, they were sent home. Employees also had access to personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves, and sanitizers. All production facilities were disinfected on a daily basis.

The pandemic did not disrupt the nationwide supply of sausages and ready-to-cook products from Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant. The plant also stepped in to provide aid to medical personnel and other people in need. 10,000 sausages were sent from the plant to healthcare workers and a further 5,000 to mothers of large families in the Moscow Region.

“We are pleased that the Moscow government, specifically the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, invited us to take part in this exhibition, showing appreciation for the efforts made by our flagship facility in these hard times. We are proud of the diligent work carried out by the employees of Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant through all these months. They were able to keep up the same level of standards set before the pandemic,” said Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Government and Public Relations at Cherkizovo Group.

Heroes of Our Time is open until August 2.