Pava-Pava enters charcuterie market

June 11, 2020

Moscow, Russia – 11 June – Trading Company Cherkizovo has started selling Pava-Pava turkey charcuteries. The brand's expansion into the new segment comes as a response to customer demands. Over the year, this category has been showing a double-digit growth in Russia.   

The first Pava-Pava charcuteries were delivered to federal retail chains this week. Their range currently consists of three products – hot dogs, Mramornaya ham, and Nezhnoye fillet, all made from 100% turkey meat (breasts and thighs) with high protein and low fat content. More is in the pipeline.

Pava-Pava products have been manufactured since 2017 by Tambov Turkey, an equal-stake joint venture between Cherkizovo Group and Grupo Fuertes (Spain). The range includes chilled chopped meat and ready-to-cook products – cutlets, kupati, schnitzels, etc. – with natural spices. A special extra lean turkey breed is used to make Pava-Pava. These turkeys are grown in the Tambov Region, which is known for its green spaces. In 2019, Pava-Pava won the Product of the Year award as the best Healthy Food product in the Turkey Meat category.

The turkey charcuterie segment has been growing faster than Russia's sausage market in general. According to Nielsen, turkey charcuterie sales have ramped up by 10% and 19% over the last twelve months in volume and monetary terms, respectively. Surveys showed that Pava-Pava was exactly the brand whose new offerings would be welcomed by customers. Before launch, consumers had tasted and highly praised all new products. 

“The growing popularity of turkey charcuteries is largely driven by the trend towards healthy eating, as turkey is a lean and hypoallergenic meat with high protein content. It is a filling and wholesome product which is also good for kids’ nutrition. The long-pondered launch of Pava-Pava charcuteries is a logical next step to develop this brand, which has gained traction and trust among our customers over its three years in existence,” said Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Government and Public Relations at Cherkizovo Group. According to Ipsos surveys, Pava-Pava boasts a brand awareness of 79% in Moscow and 88% in St. Petersburg[1].


[1] The surveys were conducted from 10 February 2020 to 1 March 2020 among female customers aged 20–55 who purchased chilled turkey meat and ready-to-cook products, with 400 people interviewed in each Moscow and St. Petersburg.