Cherkizovo Group tops Russia’s meat producer ranking again

June 2, 2020

Moscow, Russia – 2 June – Cherkizovo Group has reaffirmed its leadership in the Russian meat market. For the fifth year running, the Company ranks first among the country’s largest meat producers according to Agroinvestor.

Agroinvestor’s estimates show that the Group’s meat output stood at nearly 830,000 tonnes of slaughter weight in 2019 (more than an 18% increase y-o-y), widening the gap with its closest competitor Miratorg, whose slaughter weight production amounted to 554,000 tonnes.

In 2019, Cherkizovo Group ramped up chicken, pork and turkey meat production all together. 

The Company’s business development was mainly driven by higher export volumes (primarily due to the opening of the Chinese market for Russian poultry meat producers) and a broader presence in the HoReCa segment.

In 2019, the Group increased its poultry production by 23% to 766,000 tonnes (live weight).

Tambov Turkey, a joint venture between Cherkizovo Group and Spain’s Grupo Fuertes, boosted its live weight production by 9% during the year, reaching 41,000 tonnes.

The Group also produced 15% more pork in 2019 (284,200 tonnes), thanks mainly to the launch of new wean-to-finish pork facilities.

In 2020, Cherkizovo plans to expand its production capacities even further based on different approaches for different segments (organic growth, M&A).

According to Agroinvestor, the total slaughter weight output of Russia’s 25 largest meat producers in 2019 was about 5,400,000 tonnes (a more than 8% increase y-o-y), with the major players accounting for over 50% of all of the country’s meat production.