Cherkizovo experts speak about the most common meat cooking mistakes

April 6, 2020

Moscow, Russia – April 6, 2020 – Meat is a popular product and a staple food for most Russian families. As many Russians are currently confined to their homes, they have a great opportunity to fine-tune their cooking skills and try new recipes.

Even though meat is a regular feature in our diet, cooking and storing mistakes that can damage its quality and taste are still commonplace. Cherkizovo experts are sharing some tips on how to avoid them.

Most common mistakes

Do not store meat next to other foods

If you have no plan to cook the meat on the day it is bought, make sure to store it right. Deboned meat will stay fresh longer. Do not store meat next to other products, especially cooked meals. Make sure you use different cutting boards for meat and other ingredients.

Meat is a perishable product that can last for up to three days if refrigerated. It is best stored in an airtight container on the fridge's coolest shelf.

Defrosting too fast or too long

If meat has to be stored longer, it is typically put in the freezer. When we have no time to wait and need to defrost meat as quickly as possible, we are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired result. Use of hot water, a microwave oven or even a traditional oven can have a negative effect on product quality and affect the meat texture. Moreover, uneven defrosting makes the product harder to cook, with meat turning chewy, dry and tasteless.

At the other side of the spectrum is a long defrosting process without a fridge. Keep in mind that room temperature is propitious for the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms in meat. If undercooked, such meat is more likely to cause poisoning. The best way is to defrost meat in the fridge at +4°C. And, once again, remember to use a separate board for cutting meat!

Frying cold meat

Another common mistake is putting cold meat on a hot frying pan. The meat might look well cooked on the outside, but it will still be cold on the inside hosting some harmful bacteria.

Putting cooked meat on a cold plate

It is also important to know that ready-to-eat meat is best put on a warm plate. Using a cold plate causes a sharp drop in temperature that can crack the crust, spilling the juice on the plate and making the meat less stiff.

Instant serving

A much lesser known mistake is serving meat right off the frying pan. This is especially relevant for pork steaks. It would be wiser to leave them rest on the plate for 5–10 minutes to let juice spread evenly inside. If you cut the meat straight away, the juice spills out and the meat becomes dry.