Cherkizovo Group analyses the demand for kebabs in Russia

March 16, 2020

Moscow, Russia – 16 March – The Russian kebab season is just around the corner.  Barbecuing kebabs is one of Russia's most popular spring and summertime activities. Cherkizovo Group has assessed how the demand for kebabs changes from April to August, in comparison with other months. The company will unveil an updated line of kebabs and products, ideal for frying on the grill, in time for this year's barbecuing season. 

According to Cherkizovo's calculations, sales of the pork kebab, the Group's best seller, tend to grow significantly from April onwards. This trend has been observed over the past three years. The figures show that March accounts only for 2.5% of all annual pork kebabs sales, whilst April makes up 10.2%.   

The sales peak for pork kebabs is registered in May at 19.5% of the annual volume. This is not surprising given the fact that there are long public holidays in May, which Russians traditionally spend out of town having picnics. The same month also sees the peak demand for marinated poultry. Sales of chicken in May represent 15.6% of the annual volume, and turkey – 12.4% (in April 8.5% and 7.5% respectively).

The high consumption of pork kebabs is sustained until the end of summer. In June, July and August the share of annual sales continuously hovers around 15–18%. In general, the period from April to August accounts for 80% of the annual Russian pork kebab consumption.    

"According to preliminary weather forecasts, Russian residents can expect a warm spring, with temperatures in April and May slightly above average. One can assume, therefore, that kebab consumption will remain high this season and maybe even exceed the annual average,” said Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Government and Public Relations at Cherkizovo.

Cherkizovo Group is ready for the upcoming barbecue season. The barbecue range will include all of our consistent best-sellers: the classic kebab, home-made kebab with mayonnaise, home-made sausages, chopped pork and beef sausages and grilled spare ribs. You can go to the shops to pick up a small pack for two people or a family sized two-kilogram bucket.

The seasonal specialities will include barbecue ribs, sausages with smoked bacon and kupati with cheese.

In addition to their traditional BBQ marinated kebabs (which have been a market leader in the Moscow region for several years), our Petelinka brand has also prepared new products for the new season, including classic kebabs and kebabs in cream and garlic sauce. The line of classic sausages, ideal for grilling and frying, was expanded to include thin chicken sausages in a natural casing and sausages with cheese. All sausages are made of chicken breast and thighs. They are characterised by their low calorie content, which makes the whole range of poultry kebabs ideal for those looking to stick to a healthy diet. As with all Petelinki's products, the entire kebab range is made from natural ingredients and does not contain E-number additives.