Cherkizovo to collect gifts for kids with special needs

December 19, 2019

Moscow, Russia – December 19, 2019 – Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest meat producer, has launched an in-house charitable campaign for children with Down’s syndrome. Designed to coincide with the holiday season, the initiative is supported by Vremya Peremen, a Russian non-governmental organization.

Елка.jpgOn Wednesday, December 18, a Christmas tree mounted in Cherkizovo Group’s Moscow office was decorated with transparent baubles, containing notes with New Year gift wishes from kids and teenagers suffering from Down’s syndrome. Amongst the children's wishes were a “big book with pictures about history”, a smart watch, building blocks, etc. Any employee can join the campaign by purchasing a gift for a kid, either individually or together with co-workers.

“We are proud that Cherkizovo employees took an active part in this campaign. By the middle of the first day, all the baubles on the Christmas tree were already empty. Baubles will be filled with wishes from other kids by the end of the week, so that our other colleagues could make the children’s New Year dreams come true,” said Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Government and Public Relations at Cherkizovo.

The campaign will run until December 30. In January, Cherkizovo employees, who have taken part in the campaign, will have an opportunity to see photos and videos from the gift presentation ceremony and reactions of the delighted kids.

Cherkizovo Group is running the charitable campaign alongside Vremya Peremen, a regional non-governmental organization created by parents of children with Down’s syndrome to connect and provide support for more than seventy families. Vremya Peremen hosts a wide range of educational sessions for the kids they work with, as well as arranging rehabilitation for them, providing vouchers to specialist children’s camps and much more besides. Cherkizovo Group has been actively supporting children and teenagers with special needs since 2018. For more details on the organization, please visit its official website at