Cherkizovo Group helps social welfare center in Lipetsk Region

November 8, 2019

Moscow, Russia – November 8, 2019. Cherkizovo Group and Touch the Kindness foundation staged a festive event for the patients of a rehabilitation center in the Lipetsk Region. The Company has a long track record of supporting social welfare establishments in the regions of its operations.

IMG_8844.jpgCherkizovo Group organized a charitable event at the Nadezhda social rehabilitation center for underage patients in Zadonsk,with the children offered a comprehensive entertainment programme and a variety of treats. Employees of Cherkizovo Group’s Agro Division took part in the event, handing over a wide range of gifts from the Company, including arts and crafts sets, pillows, duvets, and household chemicals. The gifts were selected based on the list provided by the center’s employees.

“Charity is of utmost importance for Cherkizovo Group, and social welfare organizations are our key focus area. We always aim to provide targeted help taking into consideration the specific needs of different regions,” commented Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Government and Public Relations at Cherkizovo Group.


Cherkizovo Group is a socially responsible market player that provides continuing support to a variety of projects in the areas of its operations, including the Lipetsk, Voronezh, Penza and other regions. The Company's key charitable endeavors include support for a wide range of social organizations and socially vulnerable population groups, and assistance in staging local events (including the Village Day, and Agricultural and Processing Industry Worker Day). Sports is yet another focus area for the Company. In September 2019, Cherkizovo Group organized a running event in Penza, which drew over 1,000 participants.

In autumn 2019, Cherkizovo Group became the general sponsor of Crystal, a men’s volleyball club from Voronezh. On its 35th anniversary, the team was renamed to Crystal Cherkizovo.