Cherkizovo Group holds workshop for business media

September 6, 2019

Moscow, Russia – 6 September. Cherkizovo Group held an educational workshop for Russia’s leading business media, where major industry experts joined its employees to offer insights into global meat and poultry market trends.  

Few companies go beyond press releases and market commentary to share their understanding of market fundamentals, trends and drivers at educational events. Cherkizovo Group is one of them. On 27 August, it welcomed Russia’s leading business media outlets to a pilot meat and poultry market workshop.

Researchers Nikolai Birulin of the National Union of Swine Breeders and Vladislav Panarin of the National Union of Poultry Farmers shared their views on current and future developments in various segments. According to Nikolai Birulin, Russian swine breeders are expecting strong demand for their products as China has lost some 50% sows wiped out by African swine fever. “This is a huge window of opportunity for exports throughout the Southeast Asia, not only China,” he noted.

Sergei Yushin and Maxim Sinelnikov, the top brass at the National Meat Association, commented on how the government’s regulatory efforts and other factors have been shaping the industry, while Dmitry Aveltsov, head of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Centre of Agricultural Analytics, delivered an official outlook on the Russian market, forecasting that it will achieve a 105% self-sufficiency in meat and poultry products in 2024 (up from 96%) to become a net exporter.

Sergey Shapovalov, Cherkizovo Lab Director, stressed the importance of meat and poultry as integral parts of people’s diets in Russia, saying: “Any nation looking to be intelligent needs to eat meat and give it to children.”

Antonio Hresic, Head of Production at Cherkizovo Kashira, told the audience about making smoked sausages at this state-of-the-art facility in the Moscow Region, and Andrey Dalnov, Chief Analyst at Cherkizovo Group, unveiled a number of theoretical concepts that can be used to explore market trends, along with the Group’s national meat and poultry supply indices available on its website. Finally, Konstantin Korneev, head of consulting firm Rincon Management, shared insights into consumer preferences.

On the heels of the pilot’s success, the Group plans to hold another workshop. Scheduled for the year-end, this event will target a broader range of media outlets.