Cherkizovo wins Russia's Best Social Projects 2019 Award

May 31, 2019

Moscow, Russia – May 31, 2019 – Cherkizovo Group became one of the winners of Russia's Best Social Projects 2019 Award, an annual event aimed at supporting public initiatives and facilitating sustainable development.

This year, the contest welcomed 250 companies showcasing their social responsibility projects. Cherkizovo Group's project was named the best in the Education and Science category, with its youth engagement activities becoming the best practice of socially responsible companies in Russia.

Cherkizovo's dual education program Continuous education cluster: Yours. Present. Future, focused on connecting business and education, was highly rated by the experts, including business community, government agencies and academia. Educational clusters seek, primarily, to bridge the gap in skilled human resources and to design new training programs in line with business needs. Another mission is to make careers in agriculture more attractive to young people and, as a result, increase the number of those whose employment matches their training. 

Cherkizovo has offered a list of professions the training programs are to embrace, including both traditional professions that will always be in demand in the processing industry, and innovative ones that have emerged recently because of robotization and industrial automation.

“Our main goal is to educate sought-after professionals by building a system of ongoing professional education – from schools to employers through universities and colleges – and to reveal all facets of the profession demonstrating an exciting high-tech industry,” said Ludmila Khutoretskaya, Head of Student Programs and Youth Initiatives at Cherkizovo Group.

The project covers initiatives to develop educational programs for universities, secondary schools, vocational training institutions, foundation programs, as well as skills improvement and retraining programs for teachers, dual learning courses, and professional contests and competitions.