Procurement digitalization: Cherkizovo Group holds over 5,500 tenders in a year

April 15, 2019

Moscow, Russia – 15 April 2019 – Cherkizovo Group used an e-commerce platform to hold over 5,500 tenders worth over RUB 12 billion starting early 2018.

The transition to electronic procurement on a unified trading platform was launched in 2017. The project runs in partnership with Tender.Pro, an electronic trading platform that posted the first pilot tenders in November 2017. Starting April 2018, online procurement procedures are held on a scheduled basis. By now, the platform held over 5,500 tenders gathering over 10,000 suppliers. 

In most cases, procurement is organized as open tenders set to attract as many bidders as possible. Apart from the price, decisions are based on the bidder’s reliability and willingness to secure stable supplies. 

Alexey Skorobogatov, Head of Procurement and Logistics, says that all participants have equal chances of becoming the Group’s suppliers. “We are open to cooperation and carefully review all the offers,” he emphasized. 

Electronic instruments intensifying the competition streamlined the Group’s procurement strategy: the trading platform makes finding suppliers easier, automates the interaction process, improves transparency and saves our resources.

“Robust economic efficiency of the tenders has been brought about by our comprehensive approach and teamwork between the customer and platform, but it was the professionalism of Cherkizovo Group’s management and employees that attracted many new suppliers,” commented Gennady Kartyshev, Commercial Director of Tender.Pro. “I hope we remain reliable partners fuelling each other’s growth going forward.”