Cherkizovo Group: five health benefits of meat you should be aware of

April 9, 2019

Moscow, Russia – 8 April, 2019 – Cherkizovo experts claim that meat is a key ingredient of a healthy diet.

On 7 April, Russia, along with other countries, celebrated the World Health Day, a major event promoting healthy living and awareness of public health issues globally. Human well-being to a large extent depends on a healthy and balanced diet, where meat is an essential component. Here are some major facts about the benefits of meat that are worth knowing.

1) Meat contains iron, a key nutrient in human diet. While iron is also present in plant-based foods, heme iron that comes from animal proteins is absorbed by approximately 20–30% better. By contrast, the absorption rate of non-heme iron obtained from fruits and vegetables, does not exceed 5%. It comes as no surprise, then, that people opting for plant-based proteins often suffer from iron deficiency anemia. According the World Health Organization, anemia is the most common nutritional disorder worldwide with the most exposed groups being those lacking meat in their diet.

 Meat is a source of high-quality protein, containing the vital amino acids the human body needs. Protein is a major building block of our cells and is essential for muscle strength. Protein deficiency often leads to chronic fatigue. In addition, animal and human proteins structurally have more in common, which means that our body absorbs them much better than plant-based proteins.

3) Meat contains В12 vitamin, a very important nutrient that is present only in animal products and required for proper functioning of the nervous system and red blood cell formation. The best source of В12 is liver. Apart from meat, it is also contained in eggs, dairy products, and fish.

 4) Liver and other meat by-products are a great source of A, E and D vitamins. Fat-soluble, these vitamins are well-absorbed, as they are helped by fat present in meat.

 Meat is unfairly criticized for being excessively fatty, however, moderate consumption of animal fats has no harmful effect on your health. Furthermore, according to recent studies, fatty foods can even contribute to weight loss.

“A healthy and balanced diet is impossible without meat, which is an essential source of vitamins, polysaturated fatty acids and proteins easily digested and required for the development of the human body,” said Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Communications at Cherkizovo Group.

The average daily meat intake recommended by the Russian Ministry of Health is 200 g per day or 73 kg per year.