HoReCa sales represent one of the most fast-growing segments of Cherkizovo Group’s business, capturing various food service and hospitality clients from fast-food chains and pizza delivery operators to catering companies and signature restaurants.

We offer an impressive selection of chilled and frozen chicken, turkey and pork products, all of which boast great taste, structural properties and shelf lives (up to 12 months without moisture loss) thanks to the Group’s reliance on its own feedstock and innovative production technologies. We use blast freezing to minimise shrinkage, keeping a tight rein on ingredients and saving on labour.

We are looking for partnerships driven by mutual benefits. We are flexible with both tailoring our core offering and creating specialty products customised by weight, cut and readiness, as well as products made to customers’ original recipes and specifications. Our flexible production capacities enable us to cater to all clients be it major chains sourcing tonnes of finished products or smaller players looking for small pilot batches.


Cherkizovo is a trusted quality mark. Our own feeds, farms and logistics facilities ensure top quality and great taste of our products. We offer a wide variety of chicken, turkey and pork products for the HoReCa market, ranging from frozen and chilled raw materials to frozen ready-to-eat foods.

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LLC “Cherkizovo TH”

5 Permskaya St., bld. 1, Moscow 107143, Russia,

Tel.: +7 495 775-05-50, ext. 22-641, 22-523



Closely monitoring our product quality throughout the production process, we are fully committed to meeting the highest safety standards and the most stringent requirements of our HoReCa clients, which range from major fast-food chains and pizza delivery operators to catering companies and signature restaurants. Our state-of-the-art production facilities operate in environmentally friendly regions, and modern logistics capacities enable swift delivery to customers.