Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant (CMPP) opened in Moscow in 1974. Igor Babaev headed CMPP in the mid-1990s and later became its owner. As the Company’s owner, Mr. Babaev upgraded the plant and started expanding the marketing and sales functions. Realising the need for import substitution on the food market, Mr. Babaev and his team bought and upgraded poultry production facilities, pork complexes, feed mills and meat processing plants. They established the Cherkizovsky and Mikhailovsky agro-industrial complexes, which, in 2005, were merged into Cherkizovo Group, the future leader of the Russian meat industry. Since then, Cherkizovo Group has been growing by investing in expanding its production capacity and consolidating its market position.

  • Тамбовская индейка
    The overall grain storage capacity at facilities owned by Cherkizovo Group reaches close to the 1 million tonnes mark
  • Тамбовская индейка
    Cherkizovo Group and Grupo Fuertes launched the first phase of the construction of the Tambov turkey project
  • Лиско-Бройлер
    Acquisition of Lisko Broiler in the Voronezh region
  • The pork complexes in the Voronezh, Lipetsk and Tambov regions reach full capacity
  • Projects to double capacity in the Bryansk and Penza poultry production clusters are completed
  • Acquisition of the Dankov Meat Processing Plant in the Lipetsk region
  • Announcement of a joint venture with the Spanish company Grupo Fuertes to produce turkey meat
  • Acquisition of a swine nucleus unit and farmland in the Central Black Earth region
  • Grain Division established
  • Acquisition of Mosselprom, the owner of one of Moscow’s most popular chilled poultry brands
  • Announcement of the launch of the Eletsprom project in the Lipetsk region
  • Cherkizovo raised a million heads of pigs a year for the first time
  • Acquisition of pork complexes in the Lipetsk and Penza regions
  • Acquisition of the Otechestvenny Product Meat Processing Plant in the Kaliningrad region
  • Acquisition of the Zarechnaya Poultry Production Facility in the Penza region
  • The Company’s consolidated revenue crosses the threshold of US$ 1 billion for the first time
  • A project to double capacity at the poultry production facilities in the Bryansk and Penza regions is launched
  • Acquisition of the large Vertunovka Poultry Production Facility in the Penza region
  • The first phases of modern pork complexes in the Central Black Earth region are launched
  • Work starts at the Lev Tolstoy Feed Mill
  • Acquisition of Kurinoe Tsarstvo, a large poultry producer with assets in the Bryansk and Penza regions
  • Cherkizovo Group carries out a successful IPO on the Moscow and London Stock Exchanges
  • AIC Cherkizovsky and AIC Mikhailovsky, established by Igor Babaev, are merged into Cherkizovo Group
  • Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant (CMPP) opens in Moscow