The Cherkizovo Group is the largest producer of meat products in Russia, focused on the consumer. The Group ranks first in meat processing and cumulative poultry production, and second in pork production.


Petelinka is the best known and most popular chilled poultry meat brand in the Russian poultry market. The No. 1 brand in Moscow for many years, Petelinka has also been the market leader in St Petersburg since mid-2018.

Petelinka has over 40 items in its product range. Natural and healthy, the brand's ready-to-cook solutions are made from 100% chicken fillet and natural spices. As a leader in innovation, Petelinka constantly offers new products that make cooking easy and enjoyable, along with fresh chicken fillet washed and sliced for your convenience, delicious cutlets, and your favourite marinated meat with no food additives, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Russia’s National Trade Association has repeatedly named Petelinka as the Product of the Year.



Cherkizovo is one of Russia’s leading meat product brands. High-quality sausage and meat products have been manufactured under this brand for over 40 years. The product line includes nearly 300 types of sausages, as well as chilled and frozen meats, ready-to-cook products, ham and deli meats. The company supplies raw meat for the Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant from its own farms. Cherkizovo products are annual winners of prestigious prizes recognising high quality.

Domashnya Kurochka

Domashnya Kurochka offers organic products in the premium chilled-poultry segment in Moscow. The brand's low cholesterol white meat comes from a special chicken breed raised on natural feed grain.

Domashnya Kurochka is available in all major premium retail chains.

Chicken Kingdom

Kurinoe Tsarstvo is one of Russia’s leading chilled and frozen poultry brands, and enjoys strong recognition and demand across Russia. The brand offers whole chickens, cuts, by-products, minced meat and cutlets – all produced from chickens raised at clean farms in the Bryansk and Lipetsk regions. The brand continues to expand its assortment and introduce new technologies. In particular, it uses cutting-edge equipment to produce chilled poultry meat, and blast-freezing technology to preserve as many vitamins and nutrients in its frozen products as possible.

Kurinoe Tsarstvo has won numerous medals and awards at prestigious exhibitions.


One of the most well-established brands in Moscow and the Moscow region, Mosselprom offers quality chilled and frozen poultry meat, produced in the Moscow and Tula regions. The brand boasts an invariably high quality of products and is widely available in national and local retail chains across the Central and Volga Federal Districts.

Imperiya Vkusa

Deli ham prepared using original recipes from whole cuts of selected meat is produced under this brand. The product line includes four kinds of deli meat: turkey, beef, pork shoulder and poultry meat, prepared using Spanish equipment. Imperiya Vkusa (The Taste Empire) ham is produced at our plants in Kaliningrad and Ulyanovsk.

Myasnaya Gubernia

Myasnaya Gubernia is a range of sausage products with an optimum price/quality ratio. The product line includes cooked and semi-smoked sausages. Bright, attractive packaging is the trademark’s distinctive feature. The products are manufactured from domestic raw materials at Cherkizovo Group’s plants in Moscow, Penza and Ulyanovsk.


Dajajti is an export-oriented brand aimed primarily at non-CIS markets.

Its products meet the strict halal standards that apply to all food exports to Muslim countries. The brand's product range includes frozen whole chickens and cuts.