Cherkizovo Group is one of Russia’s largest poultry meat producers and a leading manufacturer of brand name poultry products. Our company owns the familiar Petelinka, Kurinoe Tsarstvo, and Mosselprom brands that have won the trust of consumers.

Demand for healthy, high-protein and affordable poultry products is growing in Russia and around the world. Today, the Russian poultry industry supplies more than 90% of the domestic market’s needs and Cherkizovo Group has become one of the growth drivers of the industry. Over the past ten years, the Company has acquired and expanded poultry factories in Central Russia and has modernised them by implementing advanced veterinary security and production efficiency technologies. These facilities include the well-known Konstantinovskaya and Petelinskaya poultry factories near Moscow, the Vasilievskaya poultry factory in the Penza Region and the Kurinoe Tsarstvo poultry factories in the Bryansk and Lipetsk Regions. Cherkizovo Group has also established new poultry production facilities from scratch.

The Group has a total of eight full cycle manufacturing clusters located in the Moscow, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk, Penza and Tula regions. These facilities have a total combined production capacity of over half a million tonnes (live weight) per year, or more than 200 million broilers. The Poultry Division generates nearly half of Cherkizovo Group’s total revenue and half of the Group’s total profit.

The Company controls the entire production cycle, from feed production, incubation, fattening and rearing, to slaughter and processing. This results in low production costs and superior product quality. The type of poultry feed depends on broiler age and is made of natural ingredients, such as wheat, corn and sunflower oil, without adding any growth stimulants. The birds are kept in specially equipped rooms with regulated temperature and humidity levels.

The Poultry Division continues to grow through strategic acquisitions and capacity expansion. In March 2014, Cherkizovo Group announced the acquisition of Voronezh-based Lisko Broiler, one of the leaders in Southern Russia.

In 2012, Cherkizovo Group announced the creation of a joint venture with the Spanish company, Grupo Fuertes, one of Europe’s largest turkey producers, to construct an integrated turkey meat production plant in the Tambov Region. This facility will include a feed mill, hatcheries, breeding facilities and fattening and rearing facilities, along with a slaughtering and processing plant. The first stage of the Tambov Turkey plant became operational in September 2015. The project was launched in 2016. It's capacity is 40,000–50,000 tonnes per year, with the potential for further expansion. The combination of Grupo Fuertes’ European experience in selective poultry breeding and production with Cherkizovo’s background in implementing large investment projects will ensure the Tambov Turkey project is a success.